Saturday, May 21, 2016

110 mic problem

110 mic problem
not a function, so it does not make a sound when we did phone to another phone, the problem may arise because the mic exposed to water, because the mic is very sensitive to water, so if the mic directly in dry exposed insyallah mic will not be damaged / problematic .

110 Mic Not Working Solutions
Although the mic is problematic and can not be used to make a sound come out you can directly replace the mic using China Mobile Mic, how your mic off or dispose of existing and china be changed using the mic, if the mic relse no problems at the feet of your mic can make jumper resistor directly to the mic as the schema above.

Way above may be very practical so we do not have to look for the original mic but can be replaced with china phone mic. 100% work, tested for certain neighboring mobile phone to a voice / sound without a hitch again, good luck good luck

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