Saturday, May 21, 2016

Acrobat Professional X Unattended

Software Acrobat X Pro allows you to make PDF documents of professional quality. Crte and edit files and PDF, containing multimedia content, exchange infmation with a high degree of reliability and efficiency of collecting feedback.

Crting a multi-media content
Presentation with voice commentary
Convert your static PowerPoint slides in PDF compelling interactive presentations with Presenter 7. Just a few clicks you can add voice comments, s and interactive ftures f what would be your presentations look even better.

Convenient mns of inserting
Convert a variety of fmats into a fmat compatible with Flash Player, using the Media Enr CS5. Add into PDF files and view them in Rder 9 X.
Convenient reing your actions on the screen
Combine action on the screen, sound, , slides and other content into multi-functional multimedia files using Captivate 5. Write a comment, follow the appropriate action on the screen - including curs movements and trokes - and crte an attractive presentation and effective tching materials.
Editing Photos
Edit and adjust photos, and then include them in presentations and promotions in PDF. Crop, Retouch photos, adjust col and resize using simple tools that let you crte professional-quality content.
Fill in view of content
You can remove any elements of the with the Smart fill the empty ar in view of the contents of the surrounding ars. This qualitatively new technology allows f such characteristics, such as lighting, cols and noise, and perfectly fills the ar to place the remote object.
sy selection of complex ars
Efficiently process s, giving them a flawless look. sily perfm a selection of complex elements, such as hair, and remove the remainder of the edges of a coled background.
Improved handling of HDR s
Manipulate s, making them the perfect look. Dull cols me vivid, crting the dynamic range (HDR).
Dissemination of professionally designed materials PDF
Crting a PDF Ptfolio
Efftlessly combine different file types - including audio, and multi-content - in a polished, ganized PDF Ptfolio by perfming only three simple steps with the help of a special master.
Crte custom PDF Ptfolios
Use layouts, themes, visual style and col palette to crte your own ptfolio PDF. Make the documents infmation about the brand, adding logos and cpate cols of the company. Impt different layouts and themes of ptfolio PDF, third-party developers and designers.
Protecting confidential infmation
Protect infmation from unauthized users. Use passwds to control access to PDF documents and set restrictions on printing, copying and editing files PDF.
Online file sharing
Use the services on f sting and sending documents to any destinations of your choice, within and outside your ganization, just knowing that you're not limited by the size of their mailbox.
Ftures RePack versions:
- Manual and automatic settings to choose from

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