Saturday, May 21, 2016

CRM-Express Professional 2011.3.2.0 Full

CRM-Express Professional 2011.3.2.0 | 40 Mb

CRM-Express Professional – designed to automate processes with customers, helps to organize the effective work of sales, marketing, service at all stages of interaction with customers. Ftures include SMS capabilities, email client, calendar, address book, scheduling working hours, client news, scheduling meetings, library, company, bizayner forms, magazine. CRM-Express is now fully multi-user and adapted to work in the network. Supports connection to unlimited of users in your address book, calendar, orders or invoices.

Common ftures CRM Express Professional:
1. Manage customer base, detailed characteristics of ch client and contact person, the dynamics of change in the state of relations with customers, the ability to quickly enter and access customer information;
2. Managing contacts with clients, account history of contacts with clients, registering clients’ needs, rapid transfer of information between departments, planning, contacts
3. Planning and control activities, coordination of work in time, a system of reminders and issuing assignments;
4. Business process management by working with clients, crting rules of working with clients and patterns of typical action for the sale and service of claims;
5. Sales management, development of technology sales of various product groups, managing the stages and phases of the sale, crtion of standard templates of action, the mechanism of the preparation of business proposals, mechanism of operation management and analysis of the sales cycle – “funnel” of sales;
6. Integration with financial and accounting software allows you to crte a common information space to work with clients;
7. Marketing Management – segmenting customers, manage marketing companies, evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns;
8. Questioning – gathering information about customers, products, competitors, regions. Analysis of questionnaires;
9. Telemarketing – providing mass Calling customers for a given scenario conversation, contact and forms;
10. Service and warranty service. Accounting for goods in services: the , date and type of service, management service customer care, management of service orders trtment;
11. Multivariate analysis of sales, ABC sales analysis, analysis of work with clients, staff’s performance, analysis of client base;
12. The knowledge base of sales, products, competitors, service, structuring of information, srch by word, quick access to information;
13. Privacy policy, setting user rights to access information, providing users access only to information on their clients;
14. Facilitate the implementation of routine operations, integration with email, reporting, assistant commissioning of new customers, srch twins clients, the group handling customer filters.

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