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eeper 2010 Pro Premier

eeper 2010 Pro Premier
eeper? 2010 Pro Premier performance software includes powerful fragmentation prevention technology that can enormously boost workstations with hvy performance demands to levels of speed and efficiency far beyond previous limits.
For pre-existing fragmentation and for the small percentage of fragmentation that is not prevented, Pro Premier takes on large hard drives and volume sizes effortlessly with powerful defrag engines designed specifically for big defrag jobs. eeper 2010 Pro Premier will extend the life and incrse the efficiency of your systems while grtly incrsing workplace productivity.

* New! liWrite? fragmentation prevention technology. liWrite prevents up to 85% of the fragmentation every system suffers from. It litly writes contiguous files to the so system resources are not wasted crting fragmentation. The results? A whole new level of system speed and efficiency.

* InvisiTasking? technology ?Available in eeper? 2010 performance software, InvisiTasking provides up-to-the-moment defragmentation without tapping into active system resources. The result: completely invisible yet robust automatic defragmentation that acts in rl time to keep your computer running at maximum performance.
* Rl-time defragmentation ?Handle fragmentation as it occurs, providing maximum speed and performance at all times!
* Uncompromising file and free space defragmentation ?Defragment in the most extreme hard drive environments. eeper 2010 eliminates fragmentation even on s with as little as 1% free space or files split in millions of fragments.
* "Defragmentation lice" enhancements ?eeper monitors and analyzes ch drive, then chooses a defragmentation strategy specific to the needs of that drive. Every drive is defragmented using the best method possible.

I-FAAST? 2.0
* I-FAAST? 2.0 (lit File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology) automatically boosts access speeds for the most commonly used files.
* Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Compatibility mode ?eeper works intimately with the automatic backup system alrdy on your PC. VSS compatibility mode mns, eeper does not damage your ability to recover lost files and does not take up valuable free space with unnecessary file information.
* Native 64 bit operating systems support.
* Boot-Time Mode safely performs ? recommended defragmentation of critical system files.
* Network Management Support ?control eeper settings and functionality via eeper Administrator edition or Group Policy.

Terabyte Volume Engine (E)
High-power computer systems require high power-defragmentation engines. Only eeper 2010 includes the advanced technology necessary to eliminate large volume fragmentation found on big and busy computers.
The remarkable Terabyte Volume Engine? (E) technology. E is the only defrag technology with the necessary horsepower to eliminate the rapid fragmentation build-up that occurs in high-traffic volumes that handles millions of files.

E was initially developed for the highest capacity servers but has now also become essential for the high end power user. Large databases, CAD programs -- eeper 2010 handles the biggest jobs fast and thoroughly. The grter the of files and fragments on a volume, the more dramatic E's benefits will be. Nothing compares to E's ability to eliminate enterprise level fragmentation. In a class of its own, E makes rl-time power computer defragmentation a fact.

System Requirements:
All Vista Editions, All XP Editions, 2000 Professional and 7.
Supports both 32 and 64 bit

This /er Will Be Detected As A Virus (That's A False Positive), It Is NOT A Virus.
I Have Installed It And I Am Running This App On My System Now, Without Any Problems !!!

BetaMaster eeper maker & er Instructions
1. Install and Completely Exit eeper
2. Run maker.exe (in VISTA and Win 7 you MUST run as administrtor)
3. Click on the Clr button
4. Lve VDown in the e Space
5. Click on the erate Button
6. Click on the button
7. Click on all of the Apply buttons
8. Click on the Register Button
9. Restart eeper
10. Enjoy the fully d Version of eeper Pro Premier

This /er Will Be Detected As A Virus (That's A False Positive), It Is NOT A Virus.
I Have Installed It And I Am Running This App On My System Now, Without Any Problems !!!


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