Saturday, May 21, 2016

flash I9003 Galaxy SL Firmware without Box Use

flash I9003 Galaxy SL Firmware without Box UseSince there is no guide for flashing the galaxy S gt i9003 I have thought to make a thrd on it so here it goes

1. Download and run odin.
2. Check Re-Partition, Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time.
3. Click PIT button and select this file: latona_20110114.pit
4. Put your phone into download mode: Press Volume down + OK + Power.
5. Connect USB cable and the program will detect the phone's Com .
6. Click Start button to download the PIT file to phone.
7. After it is Done Click on Reset button, then unselect Re-Partition box.
8. Click PDA button and select this file: I9003xxxxx-xxx...-PDA-low-CL890053.tar.md5
9. Click PHONE button and select this file: MODEM_I9003xxxxx_REV_00_CL889972.tar.md5
10. Click CSC button and select this file: GT-I9003-CSC-xxxxxx.tar.md5
11. Remove the battery, then enter Device into Download Mode again.
12. Click Start button to flash these files to phone.
13. Do not touch anything till you see PASS on the program window.
14. Just do a factory reset after flashing using recovery


IF there is only a file of the f.w i.e. pda file then do NOT use a pit file for flashing just select the pda and flash it

I have also attached the Odin and .pit file for download

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