Saturday, May 21, 2016

How to Downgrade Android Operating System in Xperia

Poweringsoft. - Do you user of Xperia L now? Maybe you ever upgrade Xperia with new operating system like before using Android 4.1 to the Android 4.2 and get not good performance with new operating system. Maybe you think now to downgrade again into old version Android 4.1 again. Can you downgrade your operating system sily?
Figure 1. Xperia L (DetikInet)
According DetikInet that quoted by Poweringsoft on Friday, 21/11/2014, describe that for Xperia product, we need a software tool called Flashtool. Appliions for PC / -based notebook can be downloaded here Install the appliion on your PC.
Once completed you need its firmware 4.1, which can be downloaded here. Find the appropriate firmware with your Xperia type and downloads.
Once everything is rdy, run flashtool. Select the icon lightning (Flash Device), and then select the flash mode. Will be asked to be in a flash the firmware, select the loion where you have saved the firmware on the hard .
After the firmware will be extracted for rdy-flash, and going out guide to start connecting your devices. Plse follow the guidelines of existing s, and you will be in a flash device to return to the firmware that you want.

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