Saturday, May 21, 2016

How to flash CWM Recovery to Galaxy SL( GT-I9003) using Odin

How to flash CWM Recovery to Galaxy SL( GT-I9003) using Odin ** I Will Not responsible for any damage done with use of below mentioned methods. ** To flash the CWM recovery to your Galaxy SL you will require to following things in place:Odin : you can download it from here.CWM Recovery : you can download it from here. Thanks to XDA-developers. USB driver to connect your phone with computer. Install Kias so it will install the USB driver. Once you have downloaded above required items and installed the USB driver, reboot you phone to download mode. You can rd how to reboot phone in download mode from here. Now connect the phone with USB cable to computer.
Extract the Odin from the zip file that you have downloaded at some loion on your computer and launch the Odin executable by double clicking it. Wait for Odin to detect your phone.You will be able to see it in yellow once detected on odin screen as shown below.
Click the PDA button to select the CWM recovery .Once you have selected the recovery , check the odin options on your screen are same as marked in red in above .Now click Start button. During this operation do not disconnect the phone.Once Odin completes the update your phone will restart now you can remove your phone from computer. If the flashing is completed Odin screen will look like below.Now reboot to recovery mode to check the CWM recovery has been installed or not.
To know how to reboot to recovery mode click here.

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