Saturday, May 21, 2016

Raxco PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer v2.0.0.106

PerfectSpeed is the first product to combine multiple enterprise-class performance-enhancing tools in one sy-to-use suite for the casual PC user — a -certified defragmentation and optimization tool, safe registry clner, duplie file remover, military-strength file shredder and powerful privacy protection all in one. And it’s automated, which makes it sy for the novice user, but also others who desire these capabilities from a vendor they can trust.

If you know Perfect, you know how the optimization and defragmentation is addressed - in a top-quality manner that is certified by . Sticking to the “keep it simple” approach, the boot time defrag is not part of PerfectSpeed, as well as some of the detailed reporting. But all the rest of the powerful engine is there, including the Space Explorer visual file and folder map.

It provides a complete space reclamation facility to remove duplie files, temporary internet files, temporary user and system files, and even user-defined files. You not only get valuable space back, but also improved performance from the removal of all those unecessary files.

PerfectSpeed provides a safe registry clner, with safe being the operative word. Sure, there a bunch of freeware registry clners and others that do everything but crte errors in an attempt to “find” as many problems and “erros” as possible - the higher the s, the better they “look” - until you often find yourself in trouble because they’ve overextended themselves. As with Perfect, it’s all about quality, safety and assurance with PerfectSpeed’s registry clner.

Another ar of PerfectSpeed is privacy protection. While not directly linked to speed, it IS directly linked to a safe and secure PC environment. Every troke you make is tracked by the computer and continually storing your history on your hard drive. Like it or not, you’re accumulating a detailed record of all your internet activity - every , and program viewed, sent, downloaded or received. Just what a lot of bad guys want to know. Online banking, PayPal transactions, cookies you don’t want — all ripe for the taking. And for files you want gone — rlly gone — PerfectSpeed includes a military-strength file shredder.

And finally, there’s a nt little Twk tool for setting various performance, security and apprance settings.

It’s all wrapped up in one simple, automated, sy-to-use package. From the ones many love, some like, and others don’t know of….but millions trust.

What's new in Rx Suite 2.0

- Rl-time monitoring of drive fragmentation, registry errors, temp. files, information traces
- Total scheduling of : defragger, reg. clner, recycler and traces eraser
- New improved user interface
- New file shredder tool
- Improved performance - works faster

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