Saturday, May 21, 2016

Restore your Chromebook

Restore your Chromebook

If you see a message on your Chromebook saying “Chrome OS is missing or damaged,” you may need to reinstall the operating system through a process called recovery. (You can also recover without seeing this error, if you want.) With recovery, you’ll be able to restore your Chromebook to its factory settings and get it working like new.

Before you reinstall Chrome OS
Important: Reinstalling the operating system restores your Chromebook to the way it was when it was brand new. Unfortunately, this mns all of your data will be erased.
First, try restarting your Chromebook by pressing and holding the Power button until it shuts down, then turning it back on again. If the message still apprs, continue with the process.

Before you can reinstall Chrome OS, you’ll need to crte recovery media with a USB flash drive or SD card. You’ll need a Chromebook, , or Mac computer with administrative rights, and the Chromebook Recovery Utility. (Note that Mac support is coming soon. In the mntime you can follow the instructions below.)

Mac instructions

Click here to download the Recovery Tool:
Run the tool and follow the instructions that appr on your screen.

Linux instructions

Click here to download the Recovery Tool:
Change the script permissions to allow execution with the following command: $ sudo chmod 755
Run the script with root privileges with the following command: $ sudo bash
Follow the instructions on your screen.
Once you have your recovery media rdy, move to the next section.

Reinstall Chrome OS
At the “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” screen, insert the recovery media into the USB port or SD card slot on your Chromebook.
If you want, you can reinstall the operating system without seeing the error screen by going into recovery mode. See the “Troubleshooting tips” section below.
The operating system will install automatically. When it finishes, you’ll see a message to remove your recovery media.
After you remove the recovery media, your Chromebook will automatically restart.
Because all of your data has been clred, you’ll need to sign in to your Chromebook as you did when it was new.

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