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Rosetta Stone v3.4.7 Full

Rosetta Stone v3.4.7 Spanish (Spain) Levels 1-5 With | 3.04 GB

Rosetta Stone – the best program for lrning the language at home. This technique allows you to tch you how in his childhood began to tch their native language – no rules, by immersion, multiple repetition and the formation of association of a of different ars of life, making patterns andautomatisms in principle from the simple to complex, from a practical perception of writing and rules. This program will tch you to automatically acceptand reproduce the most common conversational grammatical constructions that are necessary to activate your conversation and start chatting. Rosetta Stonetches English through a sequence of carefully structured lessons, called "Dynamic Immersion". New words become associated with familiarobjects, actions and thoughts.

Words form phrases and sentences in a systematic progression. Studies show that lrning exclusively in the language inwhich you want to lrn, is essential if you want to achieve. Study alone grammar and rote memorization does not allow you to spk a new language.Dynamic Immersion helps you think in the new language quickly develops the language skills and structures through which you communie.

System requirements:
* 2000 or later
* 512 MB RAM
* 1 GHz or faster processor speed
* 600 MB free hard-drive space (per level)
* 16-bit sound card
* 800 x600 display resolution (1024 x 768 recommended)
* Speech recognition fture requires a USB hdset microphone


Level 1 - Unit 1 (Language Basics)
Level 1 – Unit 2 (Greetings and Introductions)
Level 1 – Unit 3 (Work and School)
Level 1 – Unit 4 (Shopping)
Level 2 – Unit 1(Travel)
Level 2 – Unit 2 (Past and Future)
Level 2 – Unit 3 (Friends and Social Life)
Level 2 – Unit 4 (Dining and Vaion)
Level 3 – Unit 1 (Home and Hlth)
Level 3 – Unit 2 (Life and World)
Level 3 – Unit 3 (Everyday Things)
Level 3 – Unit 4 (Places and Events)
Level 4 – Unit 1 (Tourism and Recrtion)
Level 4 – Unit 2 (Professions and Hobbies)
Level 4 – Unit 3 (At Home and Around Town)
Level 4 – Unit 4 (Style and Personal Wellness)
Level 5 - Unit 1 (Business and Industry)
Level 5 – Unit 2 (Art and Academics)
Level 5 – Unit 3 (Emercy Situations)
Level 5 – Unit 4 (Family and Community)


1. Install Rosetta Stone And Close...UnTick at the end of the installation.
2. Copy/paste file To Install folder & overwriting the original file.
3. Run the program. (From the Start menu.)
4. Mount the of the desired skill level in the folder "Lang" with Daemon Tools or any other emulator
5. Add the level of Rosetta Stone. (The menu Rosetta find command Add or Remove Languages, and then the Add a Language Level.)
6. AfterInstalling the levels folder copy "Updates" folder in "C: ProgramData Rosetta Stone"-for 7 and Vista, or "C: Documents and Settings All Users Appliion Data Rosetta Stone" – for XP. (Copy the folder with file attachments.)
7. Restart the Rosetta Stone.
8. JD!!e:-

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