Saturday, May 21, 2016

s5360 Galaxy Y (Young) flash files

s5360 Galaxy Y (Young) flash files
How To Install S5360XXMK1 Android 2.3.6 Gingerbrd On Galaxy Y GT-S5360 ManuallyDownloadOdin v3.09.Extract Firmip filethat you downloaded rlier from above link, you will get a .tar.md5 file and some other files (optional).Extract Odinzip filnd you will get Odin3 v3.09.exe along with few other files.Power off your Android device. Wait 5-6 seconds for vibration to confirm complete switch off.Now, put the Galaxy Y GT-S5360 in Download Mode by pressing and holding down theHome&Volume Downbutton together while pressing thePowerbutton. A warning screen will come up; pressVolume Up buttonto enter Download Mode.Now run Odin3 v3.09.exe (see Step 3)as an Administratorbecause Admin privileges is required to complete the process smoothly (only applicable Vista and higher).Now connect your device to your PC using USB cable. An “Added!!” massage will appr in Odin’s message box. If you don’t get the same then you should try another USB port (try USB port loed in back in your desktop PC). If that too don’t work then you shouldreinstall the driver. If you successfully see the “Added!!” message in Odin then you are rdy to go in next step. You should also see COM port with a in Yellow if you successfully added your device.Click theAPButton, and select that .tar.md5 file that you get in Step 2. If you are using old Odin then addthe filetoPDAbutton.In Odin window, make sure onlyAuto RebootandF. Reset Timecheckboxes are selected.Double check everything that we mentioned in Step 8 & Step 9 above. Now, once satisfied hit the START button to begin the flashing process.Once flashing completed, your Galaxy Y GT-S5360 will restart and soon you will see a PASS message with green background in the left-most box at the very top of the Odin. You can now unplug the USB cable to disconnect your device from computer.Congrats! You just updated your Galaxy Y GT-S5360 to Android 2.3.6Gingerbrdfirmware. Go toSettings > About deviceto verify thisfirmware update.
Fix Boot Loop Issue On Galaxy Y GT-S5360If Galaxy Y GT-S5360 stuck at booting animation for more than 10 minutes after Step 11 then follow below instructions:
Go to recovery mode. To do so, press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons together.Now perform Wipe data/Factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition task before selecting reboot system now function. In recovery mode use Volume to navigate between options and Power to select the option.Plse note, performing wiping task will erase your device internal memory data and not external SD card data.

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