Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Secret of Cooling System in the Thinnest Smartphone Oppo R5

Poweringsoft. - In the first posting about gadget information in Poweringsoft blog, we will show you information about the secret of cooling system in the thinnest smartphoneOppoR5. Aswe know that to make smartphone with the thin under 5 mm is not sy. But know this record has been make by Oppo that make the smartphone with the thin 4.8 mm and it is the thinnest smartphone in this world in this time. This is Oppo R5 that used processorocta core 64 bit.
Figure 1. Cooling System in Thinnest Smartphone Oppo R5 Illustration (DetikInet)
Shall you will ask how about the ht that result by this thinnest smartphoneOppoR5? Shall OPPOhave solution with the ht that result by this R5 after used to avoid user from thediscomfort when use this smartphone?
Oppo has provide the solution to avoid the hting that result by Oppo R5 withto accelerate the deployment of temperature on the device with a physical change. Although there is also solution withoptimization software to control the performance of the device so that the temperature maintained but Oppo not use this method.
According DetikInetThursday, 11/13/2014 that quoted by Poweringsoft reported that Oppo develop cooling system to avoid the hting in Oppo R5. erally deployment processor component temperature using graphite material. However, this raises the sprd through the graphite layer that causes the temperature of the hot air rising in certain parts, usually the processor.
These problems are solved by the cooling system by adding a liquid-metal material between the processor and graphite. When the temperature rches 45 degrees Celsius, this material will deform and fill the entire space between the processor and graphite. This material flatten the temperature distribution of the processor ht to graphite.
Oppo confessed to the standard test on this material. Where the material can withstand 96 hours continuously at a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. Vendors from China is no guarantee of this material can work for more than 3 yrs. So, this solution will make newbrkthrough the cooling system that used in the thinnest smartphone like in Oppo R5.

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