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Ubuntu Junior Cube 1.3 2011 Full Version

Ubuntu Junior Cube 1.3 (2011) | 1.26 GB

Unlike normal ubuntu is that the assembly is practically alrdy configured. In the assembly uses Control Center Ubuntu Twk which should grtly simplify the running for a beginner.
Well, it's time to present to the public the first Cube! Let me remind you that builds on the media poll polls and personalized offers. And the goal was justified. And so it has initiated a review!
Everybody hrd about what can close the project Open!
So as soon as he lrned about an alternative to added to the assembly Libre!

As the browser Firefox 3.6.13
Browser plug-ins contain Chatzilla, nethunter, rutracker info
I want to draw attention to the plug nethunter ..
The plugin allows you to download s and music from any social networking or sharing!
As a software for communiion ..
Pidgin (icq)
Mail @ ru at
Skype 2.1
Claws Mail
As a Tracker
Latest version QB
To work with ftp
sy Filezzila
Edit Menu grub2 is simply
Grubcostomizer make it sy to edit menu, even a novice in linux ..
The new file manager!
Alrdy well-known project double commander ..
Convenient and customary for emigrants to ms
Shutter - not only wonder but a fragment of the screen and adds the desired effect!
SoolRder 3-grt program for fans of rding
You need a convenient arhivato .. and he is Pzip what you need ...
As for then as a player fresh Vlc
As an audio player, fresh Ddbeef
Audacity audio editor
Editor Kdenlive
Setting up Pulse audio mixer channel sound setup is a breeze ..
isomaster handy utility to edit iso
Radiotray - With this program, it is sy to listen to your favorite radio station ..
Djl - you can not only rd about the game but also to identify and discuss in a chat without lving the appliion!
Decorator - is that pent namely blade caps .. now they can sily return to the place) and even less chance of blade!
Mountmanager-this simplifiion montiryvaniya partitions or external drives ..
Ubuntu twk-but it's obvious this is a utility for a flexible attitude
Ailurus-Similarly Ubuntu twk c but with new functions! convenient for clning the system.
Qemu-modern emulator ..
Gstyle - a program to tune to Gtk
Compiz - 0.8.6 stable version ...
For imaging
Apton-a program for crting your own \ repository ... convenient
Fixed bug with cursor and display the board layout!
Incrse productivity ...!!! albeit not significant .. but compared to neon or relax flare!
Fine job with the configuration will not describe well say that it was a necessary work!
Made in blue!
You can tell a classic for assemblies junior ... but not stuffed nothing more than ..
The assembly is designed more for a man who wants to use for home ispolzyvaniya or for work .. but to use and not to indue in la kopiz and wubi ..
Wubi to build there ..
Understand perfectly well that such a course of recipients will be less but I think it is better to sculpt what is right than another toy.
Cborka updated guest user byfly
Cube is not junior4 .. it is a separate branch builds ..
I want to thank the people who gave advice and recommended software to build ..
What's new in r 1.1:
- Dockbarx, Globalmenu and other fine tuning
- Wine 1.3.10
- QBt
- Thunderbird
- Dropbox - oblochnoe store
- Ppasrch - srch ppa repositories
- Libreoofice rc2 rebuilt guys from Canonical
- Update compiz
- Ddbeef instd qmmp
- Ablock for firefox
- Update the elements of drivers, nvidia, , ati
- Added a repository with the latest kernels 2.6.36,2.6.37
- Subscribers byfly update on the guest from the box (by)
What's new in r 1.2:
- Wine 1.3.13
- Deluge instd qbit
- Kernel 2.6.32-28 default
- Security updates and software on February 12, 2011
- Tyunig interface ..
- Gnome games set of games.
- Filezilla instd of gftp
What's new in r 1.3:
- Rebuilt from the final 10.04.2 lts
- Wine 1.3.14
- Updated Libre
- Fix errors when working in emulators ..
- Revision of the policy of software ..
- New Fonts
- Removed unnecessary show-off.
- Removed unnecessary items.
- Vlc 1.1.7
System requirements:
> Minimum 1gg cpu ram 512 gf440mx
> Recommended cpu core2duo, amd x2 ram 1gb gf 6600

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