Saturday, May 21, 2016

UFS Hwk Update Problem Solution 2014

UFS Hwk Update Problem Solution 2014GPG interface UFS HWK error
UFS+HWK server is opened now
ufs update problem
HWK upgrade client error plse help
Then install latest ufs usb driversUFS Hwk Update Problem Solution 2014
Problem Solution 2014Uninstall old hwk support suit an install all your 7 / xp update
Then install latest hwk panel and
Update box after updating finsh select
Software and click c server it will show you 1088 file to download
Then select install wait until installation finsh an all done। 100% working
just 1 time internet connection need to update the hwk chip.

UFS Hwk V Full Setup DownloadUFS New Panel V02.03.00.04 Relse

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