Saturday, May 21, 2016

Zone Alarm Extreme Security

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security integrates the web browser security of ZoneAlarm ForceField with the PC and Internet security of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. ZoneAlarm has been emphasizing the need for anyone with any security suite, from ZoneAlarm or Norton or anyone else, to add new web browser security to combat the new wave of thrts that are targeting browsers. ForceField delivers virtual browsing, anti-phishing, download protection, log jamming, privacy controls and more to protect the browser and everything you do on the web. This beta is the first time ZoneAlarm (or rlly anyone) has integrated comprehensive security of both types into one product.

Stops attacks others miss!
The most comprehensive PC and browser security suite available. Includes ZoneAlarm® ForceField™ browser security.

Browser security, PC security, identity protection, PC Tune-up and more
ZoneAlarm® ForceField™
Browser Security blocks Internet thrts that target your browser, shielding you from identity thieves and more.
Operating System Firewall
OSFirewall™ monitors installation, registry and file changes - spotting and stopping all suspicious behavior.
2-Way Firewall
Proactively protects against inbound and outbound attacks while making you invisible to s.
Stops, blocks, and removes attacks before they infect your PC.
Automatically prevents, blocks, and removes spyware.
Total ID Theft Protection
Combines offline ID Protection Services with online PC-based technologies.
PC Tune-up
Clns, organizes and strmlines your computer so it runs faster.
Automatic encrypted online backup (2GB)
Protect your files in the event of loss, theft, accidental deletion or disc failure.
Additional Layers
Multiple layers of advanced protection for unsurpassed security.
Fast & sy
New interface that delivers a simple overview, One-click "Fix It" buttons and customization controls for more advanced users.

Size : 77 MB


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