Saturday, May 21, 2016

How To Add A Widget To Your Blogger ? Lrn (Step By Step)

Widgets are very helpful for new bloggers who don't have enough to edit there template.If you want o ad a widget to your blogger follow these steps.
How To Add A Widget To Your BloggerGot to Blogger and click on Layout.Here select Add a Gadget.A new window will open to show you the next step here select your widget and click+and then save it. As showing in picture Add a GadgetIf you want to add a third party widget or ad banner then selectHTML/JavaScript in first line write a title to display in second insert provided by the owner and click save.Now click Save arrangement and click view blog.Follow these pictures if you want to add a third party .And for blogger default widgets selection will be change at no.3 there is mostly no any other editing needed,simply select your widget and save

Good luck and enjoy
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